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Mastering the art of living requires a skill set that is not taught in our schools. These “Lifeskills” as Jim labels them have two things in common.

1) they are very important to all of us and,
2) we know little about them.

Some examples of Lifeskills are love, fear, happiness, and thought management. If we were to study and master only these four, our lives would be wonderful. Jim has studied and practiced these Lifeskills for two decades and in this hour will share many ideas and tips on how you can integrate these useful skills into your own life.

Life Speech


“Because there’s a difference between living, and living well.”

Life truly is a wonderful gift, filled with the possibilities of love, travel, adventure, and joy, yet many people live what is termed a “½ Life”. Half happy, half successful, and half healthy. This annoys me because our schools could be teaching these Lifeskills. This is the stuff that matters. We have too much depression, obesity, mediocrity, loneliness and chronic discontent, much of which will disappear with the learning of a few Lifeskills. Not only do our schools ignore these topics but our mental health professionals do as well. Much of their time and energy is spent helping depressed people become normal but NOT helping normal people becoming happier. Unfortunately, we are left on our own to learn this stuff that matters.

This talk will explore topics like choices, beliefs, happiness, habits, conscious living, change, thought management and more. You’ll learn about the two questions we ALL should ask and answer;

1) WHO AM I? and 2) WHAT DO I WANT?

It is claimed by behavioral experts that many of our problems stem from not knowing who we are.

Jim will entertain and inform you for the hour exploring these topics and more. In addition he’ll share with you some of his adventures from climbing, paragliding, and kayaking around the world.

If you only get to hear one speech this year, make it this one.

* There’s also a one day course with the same name that goes into more depth on the topics. Ask about offerings in your area. (call Jim for more details)

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