Freedom From Fear


Freedom From Fear

During your brief stay on this planet you will experience hundreds even thousands of events. You’ll be someone’s child, probably someone’s parent; you will go through many relationships and 2.1 marriages. You will hold several jobs, make several choices, and travel to many cool places. You may also enjoy (or not) a plethora of recreational activities that could significantly impact the quality of your life.

If you’re like me, you’d prefer to have this life of yours filled with success, love, happiness, and adventure…let’s call this a life well lived. Many things will influence this life journey such as talent, opportunity, effort, beliefs, choices, health etc. but none as much as Fear and your understanding of it. This speech will help you better understand this powerful force and ensure that, in the future, it’s your servant, not your master.

We all have the ability to climb a mountain, sing to a crowd, visit the ocean floor, write a book or paraglide high over the earth, yet few of us do. It’s not for lack of talent or opportunity but most often because of Fear. Fear does have its place when it protects us from harm. It prepares our body for fight or flight. But all too often Fear works to limit us, prevent us from doing cool things and cause us to do things we shouldn’t. Fear can keep you at a job that’s not good for you, in an unhealthy marriage, prevent you from giving a speech, writing a book, or even dancing and singing.

Fear Speech

When asked what has enabled me to live this charmed life of adventure, travel, and success I answer, mastering Fear. Learning to master Fear is the most important thing I have ever done. It has enabled me to accomplish more than my four university degrees combined. The reason I climb, fly, sing, and give speeches has nothing to do with ability and everything to do with managing Fear.

In this hour you’ll learn;

  • what fear is
  • to recognize the many faces of fear
  • to appreciate the impact fear has on your life
  • several tips to gain more control over fear
  • how to erase self doubt
  • how you can unleash your potential and climb your “mountain”

If you don’t control FEAR, it will control you.

Jim is passionate about the study of Fear and strives to help others better manage it… not eliminate it but to control it. In this hour you will be inspired to take control of your Fear. You will be introduced to some tools to enable this and you will be entertained by the many stories of one man who is getting better at mastering Fear.

* There is also a one day program for those interested in learning more. Ask about offerings in your area. (call Jim for more details)

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