The Aging Game


Health Speech


I expect we all have our own ideas and beliefs about aging as well as some well entrenched opinions about how it all happens. We do, however, share one thing in common…we would like to put it off or at least do it gracefully.

Did you know that there are currently over 100,000 research projects underway dealing with aging? These research studies, plus the plethora of books flooding the marketplace, have revealed much new information about the game of aging, so I encourage you to suspend those beliefs and opinions until you’ve heard this talk.

The art of aging has frustrated modern medicine for years and we lay people are no better off. It’s unclear why two people of the same age can look and feel years apart. As mysterious as aging is, there are some very interesting ideas that affect how well (or poorly) we do. If you are forty or older, you will want to hear this presentation.

What Will You Learn?

  • Some myths about aging
  • The truth about the “fountain of youth”
  • About some really cool older folks doing some really cool things
  • About the three ages we all have
  • Tips on aging successfully
  • How to get younger

* This presentation is both educational and inspirational and will benefit participants of all ages.

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