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There are many many options available to organizations in their KAIZEN quest for continuous improvement. At Corporate Heights, we believe that building an ideal culture belongs at the top of this list. There is still no satisfactory measurement that tells us how different cultures affect corporate success, but we’ve yet to find a single business leader who doesn’t agree that motivated, supportive, happy employees generate superior performance.

Creating a culture that will unlock the potential inside of people and organizations has become a business imperative! It doesn’t matter what widget you make or service you provide, great teamwork improves your likelihood of success while poor teamwork will hurt it. We believe there is simply no better way to improve business performance than to create a culture that will enable long term success.

Cultural Transformation

Our Process

The Corporate Heights culture change program is a comprehensive, four step process. We utilize the “best practices” in the field of organizational development blended with the experiential delivery.

– classroom teaching sessions

– outdoor experiential learning

– coaching

We believe we have the optimal blend of these methodologies to provide FUN and EFFECTIVE programs that deliver sustainable change.


Our consultants, through interviews and a questionnaire will determine what your current culture is and how it impacts performance. Gaps between the “real” and “ideal” culture will be identified and form the basis for changes.


This is a customized offsite retreat to kick start the process. During this session we will review the results of the assessment, build senior management into a real team, and generate the cultural vision.


It’s one thing to create a healthy culture that will support business goals but quite another to institutionalize it. This has been a struggle in the past because of “top down” practices. We now know that people are more likely to go along with something done by us , than something done to us. This critical step will involve our consultants, one or two senior managers, and the HR department. Together we will form the implementation team that will complete the process.


This is the bulk of the process. The strategy will vary depending on size of company, level of commitment, budget, and time. The implementation team is “hands on” throughout this final step that will cumulate with your ideal culture…one designed and created to ensure success. The shareholders will benefit, the company will benefit, and every employee will benefit with the surprising bonus of becoming the employer of choice in your sector.


There will be a shift in behaviors and attitudes evident to all. This day will be a company wide, picnic style day to celebrate our success.

“Leadership is not about getting people to do their job.

It is about getting people to do their best.”
Harvey McKay

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