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In addition to the four speeches Jim also offers three courses.
1) Fear Management – 1 day
2) Get a Life – 1 day
3) Live your best Life – 3 days



This is a one day program designed to help participants better manage their fears. It is for anyone who typically avoids conflict, can’t say NO and won’t say YES, finally dares to go rock climbing, bungee jump, or ride in a hot air balloon, or simply chooses to take more risks in their life. We blend classroom theory with outdoor practice challenges for an unforgettable, life changing day.

Why learn about fear you ask? Fear is the most devastating human emotion. It causes us to do things we shouldn’t do and prevents us from doing things we could do. Its impact is felt in many areas of life from straightalk, to asking for a raise, to confronting others when you should, singing, dancing, and much more. If you haven’t learned to control your fears…your fears will control you.

We will begin in the classroom examining current theories relating to fear and risk. The remainder of the morning will be spent outdoors participating in fun & challenging activities designed to give participants the opportunity to practice facing fears, taking risks, and mustering courage in a safe environment. Following lunch we convene in the classroom for more discussions on the topic and then out again to do more of the activities. The final hour we are back inside doing the “so what” “now what” summary and developing your individual action plan. Cost = $300

                                                  “So many have the ability, so few have the courage”



This is a program that will benefit everyone. We all have unresolved issues with weight, money, free time, family, or work. There are several skills, tips and ideas that apply universally to life’s little problems. We will explore concepts such as habits, beliefs, choices, the dozen dumbest things smart people do, and align values, goals and actions. If you attend only one seminar this year, make it this one.


This is a one day course with the following goals:

1. Increase happiness
2. Increase productivity
3. Decrease stress


9:00 am Motivational Speech
10:00 am Make a plan
11:00 am Get a purpose
1:00 pm Alignment (values, goals, activities)
2:30 pm Habits
3:30 pm Useful fundamentals
4:00 pm Action Plan



… a powerful program for personal change

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all while others struggle with weight, money, work, relationships, or happiness? It’s not heredity, or “good luck” but the working knowledge of some basic principles and skills. Anyone can learn these “lifeskills” and create the life they want, regardless of age, wealth or intelligence. The purpose of this three day program is to provide you with the tools that will allow you to reach new levels of success and happiness and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Who Should Attend:

Everyone who wants to master the art of living. Whether you struggle with weight, money, free time, discontent, happiness or work then this program is for you. You will not be the same person going out as you were coming in.

Some Of What You Will Learn:

• Discover your own life purpose.
• You will set goals in all areas of your life.
• You will examine your habits and beliefs, then make some hard choices.
• You will align your purpose, values, and goals
• You will learn the impact of FEAR and how to overcome its paralyzing power
• You will learn amazing new facts about learning
• You will better understand and manage your thoughts
• When you leave you will have a new passion for life and a new exciting direction
• You will experience adventures like rockclimbing, a challenge course, and a mountain hike

WHY should you attend?
Because there’s a big difference between living and living well. Research tells us that most people spend more time planning a vacation than planning their life. Too many people never realize their dreams or achieve what they are capable of. They feel trapped in an unsatisfying job or a loveless marriage. They don’t jump out of bed in the mornings eager to embrace the new day. You deserve better! You should be happy, and satisfied and excited about life. This course will set you on the path.

$1200 per person includes:
• full meal package
• the three day course and all materials

“We’re all trying to run our business, raise our children, enjoy nurturing relationships, please our boss, and climb our mountain without ever knowing why.”
Jim Ongena

*the true measure of this program will be changed lives!

Complimentary one on one coaching will be available in the evenings.

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