Celebrity Adventure Services is an exclusive service for those who have already been everywhere and done everything.  Set up for outstanding achievers in the entertainment industry, sporting world, or music industry.  There is no set schedule because all that matters is your time constraints and interests. We could climb Mt. Kilimanjaro or go for a glacier walk in the Canadian Rockies.  Anything is possible!


Who Should Consider These Adventures and Why?


Any celebrity who………

– believes, as I do, that what you do with your leisure time can be as important to your success as what you do with your working hours.

– is accustomed to 5-star resorts but wants to experience a 6-star resort… an occasional night in the desert or on a glacier where the stars are not only above you, but seem to surround you.

– knows that the world’s ultimate ski runs aren’t found at the ski resorts.

really needs to “recharge their batteries” (sans disguises) and recognize that a beach just won’t do it.

– appreciates the difference between fun and happiness and has plenty of both.

– wants to enjoy life and is wise enough to avoid the trappings of privilege and wealth.


The following  trips, already enjoyed, suggest some possibilities.


– Glacier walks

– Rock climbing in almost every exotic spot on earth

– Trekking or climbing in Nepal

– Summit of any mountain you like ….so far I’ve done the all the classics on all the continents and would love to share them again

– Instruction in all the above disciplines for pleasure or preparation for a role

– …..and many, many more !

Please contact me if you decide that it’s time for a walk on the wild side.

Jim Ongena, phone  250-486-7166, email   Jim@corporateheights.ca


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