Achievement Through Adventure TM

The ATA outdoor experiential programs are our most popular offerings and for good reason…they’re fun and they’re effective. We take intact teams, regional managers, or senior executives away for three days of learning. The learning happens from doing several relevant exercises requiring team solutions then analyzing performance.

Our underlying philosophy is that your #1 resource is your people and that their ability to be productive and work effectively with others is critical to your success. Our emphasis is on people skills.



This is the program that started it all. Over time it has become our signature program. This seminar, which takes place at one of our challenge courses, is exciting, fun, and has been proven to work again and again. 3 days. This is truly “Best in Class”.


Turning your team into a continually self-improving group is no simple task; it is a process requiring a commitment to learning. ATA II is designed to take you to the next level. ATA II offers more adventure based activities, and may include the challenges of a mountain summit, rock-climbing, rappelling, or canoeing. You choose the location; a resort, a rustic cabin, or tents. 3 to 5 days

teambuilding 2
teambuilding 3

Team Getaway

A program that delivers a powerful shot of team spirit. It can stand alone or compliment any meeting. Offered on challenge courses, in white water rafts, or on-site, it’s often selected as a follow-up session or an introduction to our company. 0.5 or 1 day.



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