Jim at Gunks

Who is Jim Ongena?

Jim is not a man who sets limits or lives by convention. Whether he is paragliding above Aspen, kayaking down a wild river in Canada, skiing the high Sierra, or climbing in the French Riviera, Jim is living his message.

He is a well known motivational speaker, certified rock guide, and corporate trainer with the unique gift of developing high performing teams. Although he has four university degrees and eighteen years of teaching experience at the college and university levels, his most meaningful learning has come from his adventure experiences.

When he’s not out building better corporations, Jim is taking celebrities on the adventure of their lifetime.

Interests other than adventure include; learning, reading, paragling, and strumming.

As a professional climber, THE MOUNTAIN MAN has been fortunate to have climbed many of the worlds famous mountains. He has done training courses through the ACMG, AMGA, and the independent guides association and holds current certification with the AMGA as a “certified rock guide”. What sets Jim apart from other guides is his many years of experience in every mountain range on earth and his FUN approach to life and climbing. Even after 36 years of climbing he has the contagious enthusiasm of a kid.
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Who is David Gibson?

David is based in Ottawa, Ontario and is an associate of Corporate Heights. David is a certified professional coach and has over 25 years experience working with high tech and public sector organizations.

He has worked with business leaders, managers and employees to develop and evolve organizations through strategic planning, organizational change, leadership and team development.

David enjoys working with people and organizations that are taking on challenging goals. He works with organizations, teams and individuals as a catalyst for enabling people to reach their goals and acquire new capabilities.

CONTACT:, 250-486-7166. 5705 Solly Rd., Summerland, BC, V0H 1Z1

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