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My purpose in life is to live as fully as I can AND help others do the same. For me it’s meant having wild adventures in wild places and sharing “lessons learned” through my talks and programs. My goal is to inspire, inform,  and entertain members of the audience through these presentations……there’s much more than just great photos of great adventures around the world.

As a life coach/corporate trainer with over thirty years experience in calibrating personal, business, and sports performance. I blend coaching, humor and experiential theory to get sustainable results.

I have five presentations available:

The Singing Sage

Tired of the same old talking heads at your corporate retreats?

Do you want to be entertained while still addressing serious topics of life lessons as they relate to business?

Ready to jump out-of-the-box?


In this novel and entertaining approach, Jim sings and plays his guitar at your event. The songs are thematically chosen to address topics like fear, success, love, and happiness and their relevance today.

Get a Life Speech

Get A Life … Create the life you want!

This educational/ inspirational keynote speech is a perfect compliment to any meeting or conference. Jim is an engaging and entertaining speaker who explores topics of interest to everyone wanting to master the art of living.

Learn more about this Life Speech.

Beyond Fear Speech

Freedom From Fear … It’s a great servant but a terrible master!

Fear can be a paralyzing master or a useful servant. It is the most devastating human emotion and causes us to do things we shouldn’t do and avoid things we should do. Fear has more impact on our lives than most people realize. This hour will enhance your understanding of fear and introduce several tools and ideas to help you manage it.
Learn more about this Fear Speech.

Aging Game Speech

The Aging Game … Stop aging and start living!

Ever wonder why two people of the same age can appear to be years apart? The mysteries of aging have baffled us for years but there are some tried and true ideas that can help us slow it down. Here is some of what you will learn:

– some myths about aging
– the truth about the fountain of youth
– we all have three ages AND a real age
– how to get younger
– several inspiring tales of older folks doing cool things

This is an informative and entertaining way to spend an hour and if you are forty or older you shouldn’t miss it.

Learn more about this Health Speech.

Adventure Who Needs It Speech

Adventure … Who Needs It? …
We all need a bit and the lessons it teaches!

A highly entertaining hour filled with many adventures and lessons learned along the way. Sit back and enjoy as you visit six continents in sixty minutes. You’ll see climbing, paragliding, skiing, and kayaking trips in exhilarating places. Although Jim enjoys these extreme activities as an end in themselves, he also sees them as a means to an end, a great “classroom” for personal growth. This speech will excite everyone and encourage the audience to get out and explore adventure activities at any level.
Learn more about this Adventure Speech.

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